A Confidant Woman

People tell me that I appear to be a very confident woman. Some have said that perhaps I appear so confident that I scare off possible male companions. (I am a woman “of a certain age” with two failed marriages in the distant past.) I also am a note-taker. I underline and write in the margins of my books. I learned some time ago that those notes are a pantry to go back to when I’m intellectually hungry or in need of encouragement.

One recent afternoon, I was searching my Bible to answer a question posed by a friend. In doing so, I found some helpful notes on confidence, titled “secrets of a confident woman.”

“A confident woman knows she is loved.” I did not have that assurance in either of my marriages, but I have always known that my dad loved me. Also, since infancy, I was taught that God loves me, not because of anything I do, but simply because He created me.

“A confident woman has a positive attitude.” I am thankful that I grew up surrounded by optimistic people. I certainly am not a Pollyanna, but I believe that a positive attitude is a choice, and I am determined to choose hope.

“A confident woman bounces back.” I refuse to stay at a pity party because no one wants to join me there. I refuse to stay down.

“A confident woman is not afraid of change.” In my life, I have had to start over, begin again, change careers several times. I’ve found that confidence comes by doing what I can do and refusing to worry about what I cannot do.

“A confident woman refuses to live in fear.” I confess that the only way I know to do this is to keep God in my life. Pastor John Maxwell says, “Confidence is the result of following your purpose and your passion. Confidence is a result of finding your strengths.” God will help me be all that I can be, but He will never help me be someone I am not. Confidence is the result of seeking to know what God is calling me to do, and then following that call. “Whatever He says to you, do it.”

At the age of sixteen, I sought God for His will for my life, and He called me into medical technology.  I had always loved science and wanted to know the “why” and “how” of things. As a result of that call, I served nearly fifty years in various areas of medicine, culminating in eighteen years as a Physician Assistant. I loved every minute of every task in medicine. God knows my talents and my passion. In the hard times, through the failed marriages, job losses, job delays, and family tragedies, God was with me.

Yes, I will agree that I am a confident woman, but I am not self-confident. I am God-confident because He has a plan. He is in control, and I know that whatever lies ahead, He is with me.

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