March 23, 2018: Today is a glorious spring day! I noticed two days earlier that the Bradford Pear trees around town had burst into bloom. Yesterday, the Mock Orange bush in my backyard had blossomed, but I had not yet detected greening of the elms along the streets. This morning, however, the city seems to be in full bloom and suddenly all the trees have put forth new leaves.

The sun is coming fully up at 8 AM, among scattered clouds brushed with pink and purple against a bright blue sky. The air smells clean and fresh, though we’ve only had a small, brief rain shower. The barely one inch of rainfall a couple of days ago has revived the winter wheat, and it is a vibrant green, thirsting for more water.

As I drive to my job in Haysville, the birds are singing. A flock of geese calls to one another as they fly overhead to a nearby pond. Robins search for worms on greening front lawns. Daffodils wave their white and yellow blossoms in the cool wind blowing down from the north. A cold front has arrived, but I pray that no frost will blunt the blossoms.

Easter is near, and all of nature eagerly anticipates and joins again in resurrection.

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